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tal9x9's News

Posted by tal9x9 - January 5th, 2013

so yeah, i am starting again, here is a preview of my upcoming series!


Posted by tal9x9 - March 15th, 2012

it's time say...sort of goodbye, i'm starting fresh new so my animations on the profile won't look bad.
send all your messages over there, thank you.


Posted by tal9x9 - March 8th, 2012

It has been a while since i posted a.....post here....

well i'm doing it now to tell you a bit of what's going on and where i stand now and also because the last post is huge ass and i'm getting tired of scrolling down for hours every time and that just bugs me...

so, right now i believe i made it to the decent zone...yeah.

those animations that i uploaded are just BAD.
so i'm pretty sure that you'll enjoy the next projects i'll UPALOED

the first one is the long waited pixel frenzy.

not much to say, the collab made it to 7 minuets length and is soon to be published.
second one is keep it cool the remake, i believe some of you remember that series that failed.
but this time there is voice in it, hand drawn animation and spriting, and a BETTER script.

and third which i'll work on after i pixel frenzy is uploaded, i'll work on is another sonic series, and i'll try to make it look like AN SMBZ-CLONE!

well no.

and here's some stuffy i made, and i did started working on keep it cool but i rather not showing it:

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ad7414faae07 e544af676744035e130f

yeah i know it's short.....

Posted by tal9x9 - October 30th, 2011

ok so first long time no posting like WOW

so i decided to tell you how i got to what i am now, tell you about the people that helped me on the way
and this was inspired by a friend of mine

so please be patience and read it all

Getting to know sprites

ok so before i animated, i was just watching sprite videos and i loved them so much.
it started it youtube but then i passed to NG to watch those movies, and i was so inspired and full of passion but i didn't know how i can make those movies unfortunately.....

Life in youtube

my beginning of animation was shown on youtube, BUT the animation i posted there weren't flash made they were pivot made, that's right i started with pivot.
first i made stickman videos and then i passed to sprites, but my videos didn't got so many likes because they were too low quality.
i met a couple of people there but none of them is related to sprites or animation so i'll move on
today i'm most famous on youtube with over 60000 views but i'm the less active there....


ah....egclowns, the first guy that was helping me in animation, of course aside from animation he is a real life friend
now he is the guy that because of him i now animate in flash, he kept encouraging me to use flash and in the end it worked, he also encouraged me to move to NG
now as for a guy he is great, funny smart and what not, what thing different is that he doesn't animate with sprites, he does hand drawn movies.......
so if you're up for funny classic comedy go watch his videos!


NG is a great place for animations and a great place at all
i liked it so much that i quieted from youtube.
now this is the place where i post my flash videos mostly now it worked you ask?
my first video got a bad score but i didn't care and moved on
now because i was very ungiving up man i kept working hard and hard and today i get most of my animations to a score of 3 and up
now it's time to tell you about the people i met in NG and boy there are a lot of them...


ok so he was my first internet friend and a good teacher too, he taught most of what i know and i am what i am today because of him mostly.
we met because he gave me my first fav, so i sent him a thanks message and since then the friendship has began.
he could get mad at some people because they are childish and act a little immature
so if you're 14 yet act like a noobish child, then most chances he'll ignore you.
but if you're serious more and act like a mature person he'll be a great guy.
when i first met him he also was in training levels but today i believe he knows much more and i think he deserve better attention.


ok i knew marti from a review he gave me on one of my old videos
he really liked them and also wanted to help.
it first i kinda got annoyed from him cause he did act like super fan,
BUT after i got to know him more i found out that he's a great guy and a friend.
and now about animation, i taught him.
i saw he wanted to learn and make animations him self so how can i refuse to help one of my best friends?
so at the start he had many flaws but today i can say he has very improved.
now the real problem with him right now is that no one talked to him on NG for a very long time which is weird.......


now this guy has a neutral gift

when i first met him i saw he is amazing at animation and i was true he became a semi-pro so freakin' fast
that it's just amazing
aside from great skill he likes spongebob like me, and he is funny and a great man to talk to.
i dunno what can make him mad cause he seems happy all the time.
i believe that in a couple of months from now, when people will say his name they'll know who they are talking about....about one of the pros in animation

now there were many more people i met here but they were less memorable
but still they are great friends and i bet they know who they are.

ok so moving on,
one day i got message from a person named knux that told me to move for a site called the spritas
now this site stole my attention from NG.

Life in The spritas

ok overall life in the spritas for me were freakin' active i'v been there everyday posting like crazy and having fun
this site also helped me improve a lot cause that's his main purpose, to help people be better.
ok so let's move on to the people (prepare to read a lot)


he was just like marti of the spritas for me LOL
he was super friendly and even today we are great friends
we play some games online together such as minecraft
and the best thing about him is that he is almost like my level
or maybe even match to it.
i love that guy, he also have a bad grammar in english like me.
and we basically have the same brain.
now he also improve at the same rate like me, slow and calm.
i dunno what annoys him but i guess there is something.


oh, ping.

he was the first man i met in the spritas.
today we are also great friends.
i'll already tell you that if you trash talk about booty
he'll kill you.
aside from being awesome in personality, he is also awesome in animation.
he is also like a teacher that give me useful tips and teach me new tricks.
aside from the booty thing i don't think there is anything that will make him mad.


he was also one of the first persons i met at the spritas.
we met cause i was looking for someone to talk to LOL
but he is more of a great teacher.
he is one of the best animators i see.
and he's a great guy as well.
i believe that if you'll won't take animation seriously, he won't help you.


one word:

boy we hate each other a lot.
everytime were on the same forum we fight LOL

but for animation he is great too and gave me some useful tips.
still he needs to improve his attitude or whatever.
what will annoy him?
if you love me, if you love my reviews, if you love anything about me.
yeah that's pretty much it.

and that's it guys.
there is much more to tell but i hardly believe someone will read this all LOL

now just to show you what i'v been through

look at this i made:

and now look at this:
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a3 e3a9a3a48356e1b0839013d4053347

you'll see that the animation is much more smooth in the second one even tough it is shorter.

so until then my friends!

Posted by tal9x9 - October 4th, 2011

ok so svs didn't worked out awakening didn't worked out too

now it's the last time i will try to make a series, but this one will be different...

ok so like marti does it i will too

Question corner NUMBER 1 -

What is the name of the series?

The name of the series is " The X"

Why that name?

You will understand when the series begin

What's the first episode release date?

I really don't know.....it will take some time..

Will we see other videos from you?

YUP a lot such as:

No more mario bloopers

an animation that will be uploaded today

Pixel frenzy

What characters will take part in the series?

Yes but there are some rules if you want to suggest PM me

Can i help you in the series?

You can review and say your thoughts but i have beta testers that will help me on this one..

Why do you like pie so much?

It's a long story...

that's all and as you saw i'm going to upload an animation today


Posted by tal9x9 - September 25th, 2011

As i said before this is a new series i am starting and it is going to have a lot of effort in it first here's a small preview of it:
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/44 ff82123904992b834bf72d57ce2826
even that part will have some improvements (voice and stuff like that)
For anyone who doesn't know this series tells of how mario doesn't want people to make bloopers about him so he does stuff to stop the bloopers how you ask? well you gotta see the show!
another series i started is my third chance to make a cool sonic series but this one will be different you will see my improvements in it it won't have any DBZ Stuff and the story this time is much more attractive

now for some more things expect animations......go watch this and rate it 5 my "student" made this and i'm just giving him support!

more things about animations!!!
sorry i'm really updating......

No more mario bloopers the sonic series and the collab are my main stuff now and i believe pixel frenzy (collab) will be the last one to come out...i'm not saying there are problems but a collab just takes more time
My sonic series will be the first one to come out and the mario one will be after it!
so there's plenty of waiting for you guys i might upload some pointless short animations just to show you i'm still in business but that's all
now go eat pies!

Posted by tal9x9 - September 19th, 2011

So the reason i wasn't in newgrounds for a long time is because i trained a LOT and i also got into a new site: The spritas and i suggest any sprite animator to go there
so what does it mean i trained a lot?
well i know all the basic i know how to make good animations just need to use my full imagination
and be less lazy
so first as i always do i will now tell you the things that i know for sure and maybe will come out:

Maybe: Awakening episode 2, A koopa life, Pixel frenzy (collab)

for sure:

NO MORE MARIO BLOOPERS (ask me here what is it and i'll PM you)

and yeah as you heard awakening might be canceled
another stuff that i want to say is that i might also stop with those game reviews here because it's just stupid and anyway you should wait for some good flashes
until then my friends.......PIIIIIEEEEE!

Posted by tal9x9 - September 6th, 2011

Hey pips this is my first game review first i'm really sorry i didn't make a video and i'm just writing in here i just don't have a good editing program for doing that so i hope this is good enough
every review will have the next sections:
And OverAll

So let's begin!


SMG2 (super mario galaxy 2) is a sequel to SMG1 you won't need to play the first one to be able to play the second one because they have no connection between them
This game takes his place on the wii and it was made by Nintendo
The game obliviously features mario and some other characters like luigi the lumas and lubba
That is SMG2 and now let's review it!


SMG2's Gamplay is just fantastic
there are two modes to play, in the story mode you play as mario and in co-op mode you do the same thing only with friend that helps you on you're quest
SMG2 plays like all the normal 3D mario games you go to levels that has 6 levels (some of them less)
and then beat them and get the stars there are some stars that are hidden some you need to beat a boss to get them
the difficulty of the game is not so hard but it could bring to frustration some of the levels required great skills and they can be so freakin' annoying but still all the levels are amazing and fun to play
it starts easy and then become hard
i forgot to say that there are 240 stars to collect 120 of them are gold and the other are green
you can only start getting the green ones after you get the yellow ones
so this game might not have so many modes but it is very fun and addicting


One word STUNNING i won't say anything expect that the graphics are the best on the wii it's the most beautiful game on the wii ever the level designed great and the animation is very good too


Ok first the music
the music is made from two parts some of them are remixes of old mario games and some of them are new ones i mostly like the remixes because they brought some nostalgia but the new ones are very good too
the sound in the game is not amazing but still good most of the sounds are recycled from the first game but they are still very good
and there isn't voice acting but it doesn't really matter in this game
that's all i have to say about the sounds it is very good


the controls in SMG2 are very comfortable and don't get hard to use them
they are just fantastic there isn't a problem in them


it's the best mario game the best wii game and the best game ever
i give this game a rating of 10/10

that was the first episode next up is sonic advance for the gameboy advance

Posted by tal9x9 - September 4th, 2011

I was thinking if none of you knew i'm a hardcore gamer i don't think there was a day where i didn't play games so i thought why not show pips the games i play so you can play them too and the best way is to write a review on them i thought of making a review video but it's just very hard because i'll need a good editing program so every some time i'll play a game and write my thoughts about them here
also if you have a game that i might enjoy it and i can test it then tell me! i might put a review on it today
also sonicflare9 i'm pretty sure you will tell me some games because you're a gamer you'reself
so i expect some comments from you!
i forgot to mention these are the only consoles i can play in:
Sega saturn mega drive genesis and cd (everything besides dreamcast)
NDS N64 super nintendo nintendo entertainment system
gameboy, gamboy color, gameboy advance

that's all guys sorry ):

Hey guys i have news not on animations XD

Posted by tal9x9 - September 3rd, 2011

go watch it!